10-year-old boy commits suicide over relentless bullying

A 10-year-old Houston boy killed himself in January after enduring vicious bullying, according to his mother.

Kevin Reese Jr. was found by his 13-year-old sister after the two came home from school. He had hanged himself in a closet.

Kevin’s mom, Crystal Smith, was out of town for work and his stepdad was on his way home.

The fifth-grade boy was seemingly happy, his mother told ABC13.

“Kevin was a goofy child,” Smith said.
“He’s my little goof troop, I called him.”

I just thought he was handling the situations. They wrote on his tablet to kill yourself,

‘You don’t belong here,’” Kevin’s mom said. “When it got physical back in November, he came home crying because he didn’t fight back and one of the boys punched him several times coming from recess.”

Smith told ABC13 that Kevin’s school told her there were no reported bullying incidents.

Smith said she hadn’t changed anything in Kevin’s bedroom and was desperate to find out what he was thinking that day.

Written by Gift Amadi

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