‘I come home to her cheating’ – Actress Juliet Mgborukwe’s husband finally speaks

Actress Juliet Mgborukwe’s estranged husband, Chima Ojukwu has finally broke his silence after she shared photos of her battered face and accused him of domestic violence.

Juliet Mgborukwe

According to him, she has been cheating on him, he even comes home to it some times, he said she also used him to get her green card, and is now playing the victim because he has moved on to a new woman.

Read his story as he posted on Instagram below…

“For years this woman have been lying using domestic violence as a shade to her Nigerian bloggers well hear the truth now and nothing but the truth cause I’ve had it, not that I owe anyone an explanation but I want the truth out there and if o run out on this tittle please continue reading on the video itself, now carefully observe this video who’s the aggressor here, this woman claimed I beat her up everyday of her life, does the woman you see in this video look scared at all? Now this was everyday of my life, she wanted to go do her thing after she got a green card from me, she wanted to go get her own job place and live her life, I said so now you got a green card is time to leave so you never came for marriage you came to use me, she said she wants to work and help her family in Nigeria and that’s all that matters at this point, I was like fine, I came home on March 14th my kids and herself were gone, I called I said where are my kids she didn’t say anything, for 3 months I didn’t see my children this evil woman just took them away from me it wasn’t until I went and filed for divorce that she brought them back, now go back to this video this was her plan to get me to hit her but as you can see I kept my cool, I also found out she was already cheating and sleeping with another man while married the same guy that beat her up and kicked her and my children out her apartment at night the same pics she put up on the Nigerian blogs and said I did it, you see this woman lies for a reason, a user and has no conscience whatsoever, the green card she has I gave her, she’s still driving my bmw till this day, she’s still under my health insurance and car insurance, you would think she would be thankful but She’s just a ruthless evil person, so she looked for a story to tell people why she left her marriage, instead of telling the truth she cooked up lies about domestic violence and said to me you know Nigerian people will believe me you have a mean face and tattos you fit the description this is what she said when she couldn’t get me to hit me or do something crazy, instead of telling the truth that she was cheating in her marriage and left to go work cause she wanted

Be on her own like she said her goal in life is to have kids by a handsome man and then go do her thing cause she can’t live under a man, then tell the truth

Instead she goes starts making up shit with these Nigerian bloggers they keep writing shit without caring about the truth

The first time this happened was two months after the traditional wedding this woman ran cause my dredging business in Nigeria slowed down things got hard she thought I didn’t have money and ran

And then after about two years she saw I was doing good she called me begged to get back I was like what the hell I’ll take her back afterall I already did the traditional marriage she begged me not to tell anyone that she asked to get back with me I kept it a secret

I was thinking family she was thinking using me for a green card, kids and living here, her health insurance is under me, car insurance me, she still drives my bmw I mean even the job she has is my connects her whole existence here is me

Anyway so after she ran the first time she did this same shit went to the Nigerian blog and said my husband was maltreating and beating me everyday shaking my damn head!!!!! I read that I was like wow what a devil, I never touched this woman instead of her to tell people the truth that she left thinking I didn’t have money

Lies lies lies, deceit and more lies is what this woman does, now think if I bruised and beat her up as she claims why aren’t I in jail? That looks like felony beating I will still be behind bars, do you people even use your senses sometimes? Remember this is America shit like that doesn’t fly here

I’ve been keeping quiet for a long time for the sake of my kids but I’ve had it sometimes you just gotta fight back and this is the only platform I know on how to get the truth out to the Nigerian bloggers that care

And do keep in mind we’ve been broken up for a while only reason she’s putting out this fake shit is cause she saw that I have a new woman in my life, last week as the first time I put up our pics and all hell broke lose she went straight to Nigerian bloggers and cooked this shit up, she even called an old friend that hates her guts now and asked her why she introduced my new girl to me that I’m her husband I have proof too I will still post that, but the old friend told her to fuck off and later on told me so you see this woman is on another level of manipulation and evil deeds

All this woman does is lie on social media like she’s living the life while she lives in a one bedroom apartment and putting my kids through hell smh all for the love of money, she has no degree whatsoever I don’t even know how she’s thinking to make it big time, this shit is a nightmare I flew miles and miles to go carry a devil, my parents said no to me about her cause she’s from a broken family, our next door neighbor from their place in isochi told me know, but this girl convinced me that she’s different and I shouldn’t judge her started crying my soft heart always gets me in trouble!!! I said okay listen I will marry you no matter what my dad barked and barked I said hell no my mother same thing I said hell no, our neighbor came over twice a d said no Chima I said hell no, damn I should have seen what they were saying, instead I was like look we have a lot of broken homes here in America not actually knowing that they had a point cause it’s actually different in Nigeria on how it affects the kids up bringing, and I saw it all in this girl, her mom is not with her dad, they live separately, her sister has a baby at home no husband and now she completed the trend, which I@don’t care about but I don’t know who@the hell she thinks she is fucking up my life and then I let it go yet she continues to come after me, look people I didn’t leave this shit she left and her stupid friends keep saying make it work with her, no you go and make it work with that devil I’m good, y’all don’t know half of it, she cheats sleeps around and I come home to it get the fuck outta here y’all go be with her I’m great my kids will be just fine”

Written by Gift Amadi

Gift Eruchi Amadi is a passionate blogger.

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