Justin Bieber reveals why he and Hailey Baldwin were spotted crying

Justin Bieber has revealed that he and Hailey Baldwin broke down in tears on Tuesday because they have ‘good day and bad days’ like any couple.

Caught by paps as he left Hailey’s apartment, Justin was asked about the emotional moment between the engaged couple and in response he simply showed a cover of a book called The Meaning Of Marriage by Timothy Keller.

‘This, you got good day and bad days, it’s not real if you don’t have bad days,’ added Justin, when asked by TMZ why they were in tears.

Justin and Hayley earlier in July announced their engagement, but were seen in a park with their bikes as Justin wiped tears from his eyes and Hailey comforted him; later in a cafe the roles were reversed as Hailey was seen crying and Justin held her hands.

The pair were then pictured looking as if they were praying.

Written by Gift Amadi

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