Man led into court in shackles to propose to his girlfriend (Photos)

This is the adorable moment a probation officer is left shaking in disbelief as her boyfriend enters the courtroom in shackles, admits he is guilty of loving her and gets down on one knee to propose.

Tiffany Allison, a probation officer and house arrest coordinator for Justice Network in Desoto County, Mississippi, was ready for her working day to begin just like any other on August 15.

As she sits in Hernando Municipal Court, the judge calls the court into session reading the day’s docket before police officers burst into court with a ‘defendant’.

Suddenly Tiffany realises boyfriend Brett Stidham is being brought into the court, in full bright yellow jumpsuit and shackles, and is left open-mouthed.

She frantically looks around the room for an explanation before Brett begins to address the court starting by ominously admitting he is ‘guilty’ – further confusing Tiffany.

He goes on to address the room:

‘I’m guilty of being madly in love with the girl of my dreams. She’s my best friend, I’ll forever be in love with her.’

A shaken Tiffany is then asked to come over by the judge and Brett drops to one knee to propose, adding:

‘I’m ready for my life sentence baby.’

Brett said:

‘I knew very early on in our relationship Tiffany and I would spend the of our lives together – not long after we met I started seriously thinking of ways I would propose.

‘This idea was the first one I was contemplating but I knew it would be a logistical nightmare to pull off – I told nobody about my plans until July 2018, almost two years into our relationship.

‘Tiffany is really good friends with her supervisor who had been giving me a hard time I hadn’t put a ring on it yet, so I revealed my plan to her and asked if there was any way she could help.

‘She then enlisted the judge, prosecutors, court clerks and officers to help me pull off this crazy proposal. Pretty much everybody in the courtroom was in on it.

‘I had the officers bring me in front of the judge in a jumpsuit and shackles and then I just took over.’

Daily Mail

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