Allow young ones to get married when there’s sexual urge – TVC presenter Akashat Ny’mat says

TVC presenter Akashat Ny’mat is of the opinion that child marriage should be encouraged should the kids involved start having sexual urges.

Reacting to the story of the young couple whose pre-wedding photos hit the internet a few hours ago, the presenter stated that early marriage is not necessarily Islamic.

In her words,

“The act is not necessarily ‘Islamic’. But when sexual urges start to come, one of the best alternatives is to allow them get married”. “If my daughter wants to marry at a young age, I would first have the necessary conversations with her to see if it is truly what she wants and also ensure that she is fit to some extent, but I wouldn’t stop her”, the TVC presenter said.

Written by Gift Amadi

Gift Eruchi Amadi is a passionate blogger.

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