Tobi recounts his racism experience in Beirut

Big Brother Nigeria 2018 contestant, Tobi Bakre, shared his experience in Beirut with Kore Ogidan of Punch, and disclosed that he experienced racism.

The reality show star who went on Beirut tour with Play Network Africa and other professionals from different spheres, said officials tried separating other people from blacks.

Were you recognised there?

I was recognised by a few people. There were moments at the mall where people would stop me and say that they knew me from the Big Brother Nigeria Show. That was interesting because I didn’t know there were Nigerians in Beirut but it turns out that Nigerians are everywhere. Africans generally are everywhere.

Tell us about the people of the country.

There weren’t many black people, at least not too many that I saw. There were many Arabs and a diversity of other people. Something funny that happened was a semblance of racism; although I would rather not use that exact word. We had reserved a club prior to the trip and when we got there, they tried to separate us from the crowd for whatever the reason was. We left because it felt disrespectful. It was like they put us in a corner. Aside that, the people of Beirut are relaxed and cheerful.

Written by Gift Amadi

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