Lady narrates what happened after she tried to take a photo of Bobrisky in Abuja

A lady has taken to Twitter to narrate her sad experience after meeting Bobrisky today at Transcorp Hilton hotel Abuja.

According to her, she saw Bobrisky posing for a photo and brought out her phone to take a photo of him, but Bob yelled at her to stop.

Read her story below…

“You guys I went to Transcorp today and saw Bobrisky.He was posing for Tonto to snap and then I brought out my phone to take a nice pic of him.If you see the way Bobrisky yelled at me not to take pictures of him🤧I apologized and left. Wasn’t nice at alll especially for a “celeb”

P.s the picture by the right is before and the one by the left was the first and last picture I took of him as he screamed at me.

For the fact that I waited for him to pose does that not tell you something? I wasn’t just intentionally trying to get bad photos of him

A celebrity should expect his/her picture taken when they go out.-They are popular!I had no such intentions of ridiculing him I find him interesting. And when he screamed at me I apologized but it was not nice for him to scream at me like that.”

Written by Gift Amadi

Gift Eruchi Amadi is a passionate blogger.

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